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5.20 Modern/Popular Eschatology

(Distortions of the Book of Revelation)

Now if you want a real headache, try to sort out the sheer nonsense which is spouted forth on all sides in all directions about this book of the Bible, not only from secular sources but also from “Christian” sources.

 It simply is beyond mind bending what has come out on it. Suffice it to say, probably 99.9% of everything (yes, nearly all of it) that you hear on the Book of Revelation related to prophecy and eschatology, as shouted from the pulpits (and even the secular world) today is complete rubbish, and blatantly wrong. It’s shouted in support of their own false agendas of man. This includes teachings on the “Battle of Armageddon”, “Gog and Magog” (being Russians and Chinese, etc), the “Mark of the Beast”, the “666”, “The Antichrist” person, etc.

All I can say is good luck. There are some good teachings on this topic, but they are very few and far in-between. The Book of Revelation false teachings are intimately tied to other false teachings: Dispensational Premillennialism, the 7-Year Great Tribulation period, The Secret Rapture, etc.

These fanciful man-made interpretations of eschatology (the end-times period) are so popular they’ve been published in books that sell many millions of copies, are used to make Hollywood movies, etc. That alone should tell you much about them: They appeal to “itching ears”; they appeal not to sound biblical doctrine.

One other item of note about this topic is that nearly all modern “study bibles”, and even the main text headings printed in many modern bibles, reflects the viewpoint of the publisher or group who printed that translation. So, beware any study bible notes, or even the chapter headings in bibles that are related to eschatological (end-times) matters, especially if the Bible/materials were printed after about the late 1800’s.

Nearly all of them have been infected with dispensational millennialism, which then leads to even further bizarre false teachings about the book of Revelation and eschatology.

Friends, did you know that the word “antichrist” doesn’t even APPEAR in the book of Revelation!

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