“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Why Yet Another Site About Jesus, the Gospel and Christianity?

I’d like to first here present why I felt “yet another” book (and website) explaining the gospel needed to be written. Very candidly, it’s time to get back to the basic Christian truth, as given in Scripture. I wanted to write this book also to try to counter the absolutely mind-numbing staggering array of false teachings I experienced as I began my journey. In seemingly every direction I looked, in every church, every pulpit, every book, and every production there was just an endless parade of false doctrines, myths, and conjuring’s of man-made nonsense that I ran into that does not agree with Scripture. I’m using a bit of hyperbole here, but truth be told, not much!

We’ve had centuries (millennia now) of man-made teachings, theological systems and frameworks, interpretations, catechisms, rituals, rules, rites, religions (Catholicism, Protestantism, Arminianism, Calvinism, reformism, sectarianism, etc. ad nauseam’ism), sectarian and denominational divisions and dozens upon dozens of false doctrines and complete rubbish/nonsense made up by man, committees, and institutions, all piled up one on top of another, and all masquerading as Christianity, obfuscating the pure truth of the gospel handed down once for all time by Christ in Scripture.

Compounding this problem is the absolutely staggering amount of noise generated by the secular world, by the “isms” and cults (both Christian and other), and also by the worldly secular media and institutions trying to drown out the gospel message and the name of Jesus. Consequently, false teachings are being shouted today 24/7/3645 (i.e. nonstop) in blaring volume from secular media sources, as well as “Christian” pulpits, broadcasts, books, movies and publications unfortunately.

It’s no wonder today very few are even able to RECOGNIZE true Christianity as defined in the Scriptures, and people are more confused today than ever before by all the nonsense, as well as by seeing an almost endless stream of hypocritical “pretenders” proclaiming to be Christians parading before and all around them.

True Christianity isn’t achieved through the performance of “religious” rites, rituals and ceremonies; nor does it live in a church building. It lives in you – who lives (abides) in Christ, who also lives (abides) in you. This book seeks to once again shine light on the pure gospel message and truth.

So, as we proceed along the path of truth, we must however also confront the common/popular false teachings and distortions of Scripture that you are almost sure to encounter, or may have already encountered, from sources both outside of (the secular world) and within the church. And we are not trying to just get doctrine “close enough” or “good enough” or “almost right,” the goal is to get it exactly right and in 100% agreement with what is written in Scripture.

Therefore, this book sheds much needed light on the false teachings, concepts invented by man which are not indicated in Scripture and which are absolutely rampant and widespread in “modern Christianity” today. False teachings such as:

  • You are saved by “faith only”,
  • That a Christian “once saved is always saved” no matter what you do or how you live subsequently,
  • Calvinism (i.e. “Reformed” Protestantism) – limited atonement, total depravity, perseverance of the saints, – ALL false teachings,
  • We are all born in “original sin” (babies also),
  • Saying the “the sinners prayer” (nowhere to be found in the Bible!) once somehow magically saves you for all time no matter how you live subsequently,
  • Baptism isn’t necessary to be born again because it is a “good work”,
  • And many, many others!

Furthermore, modern liberal “Christian” churches are simply not doing a good job explaining complete plan and path of salvation for a Christian.

When I use “Christian” in quotes it’s because what they are teaching is not the Christianity defined in Scripture. Some of these groups are well meaning but are misguided; while others clearly have an intent to deceive. They all claim to be Christians adhering strictly to Scripture, but in fact they are not. Whether they are true Christians or not I leave up to the Lord to judge, for only He knows the hearts of man. I’m simply indicating that many who call themselves “Christians” are not telling you Scriptural truth, and they are distorting the pure truth of Scripture. These groups often do more harm to the gospel message and the name of Christ through their spreading of clear hypocrisy and false-teachings than they do to help. It’s no wonder that many today aren’t ever sure of what/or who a true Christian or Christian church even looks like, because they are confused by the myriad of false teachings which abound. Sadly, many who are lost also just give up, when confronted with so many different and conflicting teachings which all claim to be true Christianity. Hypocrisy also runs rampant in modern Christianity.

Some might think that my condemnation of false teachings, and the false prophets, the wolves and vipers that teach them, is too sharp. But Jesus didn’t mix any words when He dealt with them. Also, maybe this book can serve as a wakeup call to American Christendom which is very much dead asleep and deeply deceived in many areas. Maybe even some of the vipers and wolves will come to see the error of their ways, so we can dwell together like the lamb and the wolf in God’s Holy Mountain. We are being fed today fake news, fake science, fake entertainment, fake food, and fake “religion” and now even fake “Christianity”! It’s time for a good dose of solid food – the truth of the gospel given without false teachings galore.

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“You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” – John 8:32

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