“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Calvinism – Fact or Fiction?

Is “Calvinism” rock solid Biblical Truth, or just yet another man-made false teaching deception?

“Calvinism” (so-called “Reformed” Protestantism) is yet another set of man-made theology and doctrines chock full of false teachings literally from start to finish, which are shouted from the pulpits with extreme force and volume today. While there may have been good and noble intentions of this teaching when it evolved (I don’t know, I wasn’t there), it nonetheless is deceiving millions today, giving them a false sense of eternal security, which is in contradiction with what the Bible actually teaches about the importance of persevering in faith in particular.

The false teachings are based on the “five points” of Calvinism, often given the name “TULIP” (as the first letter in each of these false teachings):

  1. “Total Depravity” – This teaching claims that humans (and children) are all born sinful (although I can see how they might have arrived at this conclusion by looking around at how people act). This is just a fancy name for the “original sin” false teaching described above (please see that for a more complete rebuttal, as it’s very important to understand),
  2. “Unconditional Election” (i.e. Predestination) – This teaching claims that God “predestines” all those who will be saved, and also all those who will be lost before time began and there is nothing anyone can do or really does to “choose” their destiny out of free will. This is contrary to the clear free will God gives all people. See the Predestination false teaching above for more information.
  3. “Limited Atonement” – this claims that Christ didn’t die for the sins of everyone, He ONLY died for the sins of those who were (predestined) to be saved. This is in contradiction to the Scripture clearly saying that man has free will and also that God wishes that “all” men would come to repentance! They make this claim on the basis that they think God wouldn’t “waste” Jesus’ blood on those who were predestined to be lost. Friend, Jesus died for the sins of all men, and when they stand before Christ on Judgment Day, they will SEE AND KNOW that Christ died for them also, had they chosen to accept Him. This is so that all men will be without excuse on that day. Do you really think that the Lord would allow anyone to stand up on that Day of Judgment and say: “See, even if I had believed in your Son, He didn’t die for my sins, so I wouldn’t have been saved anyway!”? It will be very clear to all at that time, and everyone will be without excuse of any kind; if they are condemned to hell, it will have been by their own choice, not that “Jesus did not die for them”.
  4. “Irresistible Grace” – Another false teaching tied to the Unconditional Election/Predestination false teaching that says no one can “resist” the will of God. Apparently, we are all robots according to Calvinism, devoid of free will to choose, or reject Christ.
  5. “Perseverance of the Saints” – this is the fancy name they give to the “once saved always saved” false teaching discussed above.

As you can see, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PILLARS OF CALVINISM IS A FALSE TEACHING! This Calvinism is a complete “house of mirrors” bag of doctrinal errors and horror tricks. Please don’t just accept my word on this, but go do your own Bible study, diligently, and seek out the truth. That’s what I had to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I also believed in the “Calvinism” teachings myself for many years; for 1) it’s the only thing I ever heard preached, promoted or published, and 2) it all sounds very convincing and “Biblical” on the surface.

However, the way Calvinism obtains its doctrine is by picking and choosing some verses in Scripture and making an interpretation of those verses, but then ignoring the fact that their interpretation is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to (many) other verses in Scripture! But friends, you just cannot do that! You must consider Scripture in aggregate. If your interpretation of one verse is in contradiction to other clear and directly obvious verses, then it’s YOUR INTERPRETATION that is wrong, not Scripture. This is very analogous to the way Satan deceived Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden, and how “cults and ism’s” deceive millions (even billions) today!

I do recognize the shock you may be having at hearing this for the first time, and learning that what you’ve heard preached, taught, and likely believe is in CONTRADICTION with what Scripture states, but you must press on towards truth. I was also in shock when I first learned the truth; for like you, I was lied to and deceived my entire life by those “Christians” whom I trusted.

But friend, you cannot have a belief which contracts ANY portion of Scripture, for Scripture is 100% correct, inerrant and true. Scripture cannot contradict itself either. You must therefore come to an understanding (and beliefs) that harmonize ALL of Scripture. You cannot simply pick and choose some verses and ignore others. So if what you “believe” about saved by “faith only” is in contradiction with even a SINGLE verse in Scripture, it is not Scripture which is wrong, it is your understanding and belief. So I do encourage you to go back and read the Scriptures clearly.

While we’re on the subject, very frankly there’s no need to reform any part of Christianity as defined in the New Testament, so if one is following Scripture to begin with, there is no need to be “reformed” at all. And as you’ve seen, “reformed” Protestantism is as chock full of doctrinal errors as many other “cults” and the deception of Popery, which it was created to “reform”.

I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness of so-called “modern” American, liberal, “reformed”,  lukewarm and apostate Christendom: “Make straight the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!”

To the brother or sister in Christ reading this, if you are sitting in a church hearing all these false teachings and do nothing can I ask why? Is it because you don’t know any better, or perhaps you don’t know Scripture well enough? If so, perhaps it’s time for more rigorous Bible Study? And to those who do know Scripture and simply sit there and accept these false teachings, perhaps it’s time to stand up for truth? The Bereans examined the Scriptures daily to see if what they were being told is true! The great Apostle Paul confronted false teachings boldly and directly, whenever he encountered them – he would not just “sit there” and accept them.

This site proclaims to you the gospel as it was handed down once for all time in Scripture, free from the staggering number of myths, mysticism, distortions, and outright lies and fables of man that have been added to the gospel as it was given in Scripture. You have likely been indoctrinated and brainwashed with lies, half-truths, distortions, myths, and mysticism of man masquerading as and obscuring true Christianity since you were an infant, and the sad part is that you may not even realize it.

Maybe it’s best now therefore to go back and start reading the true gospel, as it was handed down once for all time in Scripture…I hope you decide to do just that on this site.

It will take great effort and determination on your part, along with perseverance, diligent prayer and a willingness to admit you have been deceived (brainwashed in fact), likely since birth, even by so-called “Christian” pastors and churches you have trusted in. While some “Christian” pastors are simply misguided, many are out to intentionally deceive, being called “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” by the Bible. For those who are misguided, the time is now to make straight the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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