“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

6.1 The “Theory” of Evolution (and millions of years) False Teaching

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This false teaching/fake science claims that all life originated millions (or billions) of years ago, out of lightning striking some primordial puddle of goo somewhere, and further that man “evolved” from lower animals (e.g., having a common primate ancestor with apes) – basically, that all life subsequently “evolved” from lower forms to higher forms without any Creator (God) involved. This false teaching is brought to you by the secular/atheist world who deny that there is a God, and wow, this lie is a big one. You see, if the forces of evil (led by Satan) can stop you from believing the very first sentence(s) of the Bible, they know that you will not believe (or even read) the rest of the Bible!

That is why this false teaching is shouted far and wide in blaring volume 24/7/365 (all day, every day) from every secular media source on the planet. Nearly every textbook and educational institution, from the preschool/kindergarten level all the way up through university and post-graduate doctoral level have been teaching this “theory” to you nonstop. In fact, this false teaching has been drummed into you since you were just a wee infant. In effect, you are being (or have been) brainwashed!

But realize that their very own evolutionary scientists acknowledge that their theory cannot (and does not) explain where life first came from (i.e., where did that very first “evolutionary step” come from?)! Amazing, eh? And I bet you have never heard that part – yet it is true. Yes, they try to make claims about how “life evolves” and “survival of the fittest” (e.g., natural selection, etc.), but when you press them, they admit they have no answer to that “first” question.

Please also note that it is called the “Theory” of Evolution, not the “Facts” of Evolution! That’s right, it’s just a “theory” of man, although they try to pass it off as fact, as hard science, when it is nothing of the sort. This false teaching is also intimately tied together with other secular false teachings on many matters of so-called “science” – including dinosaurs, light “redshift,” the “Big Bang” theory, tree growth rings, radioactive carbon dating, etc. You see, when you start to unravel the web of lies that they are presenting as facts in these areas of “science,” many of the things which you have been taught and accept as scientific facts which claim to disprove the Bible are, in fact, just fanciful “theories” of man. (See also the chapter Science vs. the Bible.)

This false teaching is compounded by Christians who blindly believe it and then keep repeating it themselves, even going so far as to try to bend the Word of God so that it will be in agreement with this secular God-denying false teaching of man! They, therefore, try to shoehorn this “theory” into the Bible and the book of Genesis, chapters 1 and 2 specifically.

So much has been written about this teaching that it’s pointless to go into it further here, except to point out if it wasn’t already obvious, that if you deny/don’t believe the very first sentences in the Bible, why will you believe all the rest? Hence, this is a primary attack vector by which the fallen world and those who deny God (and Christ) try to discredit the Bible. Also, we are in a spiritual war. Remember, just because you read something in a science/school/university textbook doesn’t make it true!

In fact, most of the companies that publish the textbooks (for all educational levels – kindergarten to post-graduate levels) are owned or operated by either secular groups who outright deny God or by groups who deny Christ! Literally everything you are taught since childhood from textbooks at all levels is under their control. The hard part of this fake science false teaching is that it’s been drilled into us since we were just children, so much so that many just accept it as truth without even giving it a second thought; it’s called brainwashing. It’s going to lead many (many) billions to eternal destruction.

Realize that there is a Creator, the Lord God of Hosts, who created heaven and earth and all things in it (including you and me), and He created everything in seven (7) literal days – not over “millions of years” as some “theory” claims. No, the theory (not facts) of evolution does not disprove the Bible, not even remotely.

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