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6.21 Modern/Popular Eschatology (End Times Prophecy) False Teachings

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(Distortions of The Book of Revelation)

Now, if you want a real headache, read some of the things written about the book of Revelation, not only from secular sources but also from “Christian” sources. You will quickly realize how the foolish mind of man truly excels in conjuring up sheer nonsense and rubbish when it comes to interpreting Scripture.

False teachings from this book of Scripture come in many forms and are given various names: Preterist (in its various forms and reincarnations: Radical Preterism, the “A.D. 70 Doctrine,” “Realized Eschatology”), Idealist, Dispensational Futurist, Progressive Dispensationalist, and Historist. Suffice it to say, probably 99.9% of everything that you hear or read on the Book of Revelation (yes, nearly all of it) shouted from the pulpits (and the secular world) today is blatantly wrong – all created in support of the agendas of man, not God. This includes teachings on the “Battle of Armageddon,” “Gog and Magog” (i.e., the big bad Russians and Chinese, etc.), the “Mark of the Beast” (666), the nationalistic, political super-villain “Antichrist Person” yet to come, etc. [1] [2]

The false teachings about the book of Revelation are intricately woven together by the “wolves” into a web of deception with many other false teachings as well (Dispensational Premillennialism in particular). In fact, once you dismantle that one false teaching façade of lies, many of the others come tumbling down with it (i.e., the “7-Year Great Tribulation Period,” “The Secret Rapture,” a “Third Temple,” etc.). Some of these fanciful man-made false interpretations of eschatology (end-times prophecy) are so popular that they’ve been published in books selling many millions of copies and are used to make Hollywood movies. That alone should tell you much about them: they appeal to “itching ears” and are not sound biblical doctrine.

Also, be aware that study Bible notes (and even chapter headings and illustrations) reflect the viewpoint of the publisher or group who printed the book – they are words of man added to Scripture!  Be especially wary, therefore, of any items or notes added relating to eschatological (end-times) matters and Bible prophecy, as nearly all Bibles, books, and commentaries printed after the late 1800s (approximately) are infected with the Dispensational Premillennialism false teaching.

The book of Revelation is highly symbolic; trying to read it literally or as literal history results in errors and false teachings. Do you know that the word “antichrist” doesn’t even appear anywhere in the book of Revelation? Be not deceived.

According to Scripture:

  • No Third temple is indicated or called for: there is to be no resumption of sacrifices (unless you desire to deny Christ’s sacrifice on the cross!),
  • There is no “missing week of years” yet to unfold in Bible prophecy from the book of Daniel,
  • There is no specific political, nationalistic “Antichrist Person” that we are still waiting to arise,
  • There is no “pre-tribulation rapture” of the Church (or “mid-trib” or “post-trib,” etc.),
  • There is no literal “Battle of Armageddon,” usually postured as a nuclear war perpetrated by the “big bad” Russians or Chinese against Israel, and
  • There are no further warnings, nor “signs and wonders in the sky” (e.g., “blood moons,” etc.) nor any remaining Bible prophecy yet to unfold before the Great Day of Judgment comes. In fact, the Day of Judgment will occur without any further warning(s) whatsoever – beyond the warning you are getting right now by reading this and from others preaching the true and correct gospel!  See also the Day of Judgment chapter.

And it shouldn’t need to be pointed out, but if someone can’t even get the core gospel doctrine correct, why in the world would you ever listen to anything they say regarding Bible prophecy? That makes zero sense. Once someone has gospel truth down, only then does it make sense to consider their beliefs and opinions regarding prophecy.

I cannot waste much more space in this book trying to list, let alone refute, all the nonsense and rubbish that is conjured up in this area as it would take many more hundreds, even thousands of pages, but a couple of topics are discussed in more detail to help you a bit further (the “mark of the beast” and the “two witnesses”). It is then left as an exercise for the reader to seek truth – but you must really want to find truth and seek it diligently with much hard work and possibly years of Bible study. That is what was required for me to be able to see the false teachings for what they are.

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