“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

6.42 12-Step Recovery Programs

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There are many “12-step” programs for dealing with addictions. While these man-made programs might work for a few people (and maybe for a little while), there is only one way to completely 100% cure/heal any addiction: and that is through Christ. It is by only by coming to Jesus and turning your life over to Him completely every single day that the grip of addiction is totally broken.

Once you come to Christ and full commit (dedicate) your life to Him, He removes the addiction. We are of course not absolved of our own responsibility for choosing not to drink, even after we have dedicated our lives to the Lord, but you will now be able to do that by the power of Christ living in you!

Many are unaware that most of the 12-step programs were actually originally founded on Christian principles but have since been “liberalized.” And once again, as with the ways of man in all things, they have pushed God and Christ out of the program. But know that it is not the 12-step program which cures the addiction; it is the power of God Almighty living inside you, abiding in you, which casts out the addiction! Friend, or brother or sister in Christ, I know what I’m talking about here – I’ve been there personally, I have lived this myself. Please see my testimony at the end this book.

Furthermore, those who are trapped in an addiction are doubly lost: first to the addiction and second to Christ (eternally). Even if by some slim chance you manage to overcome (control) an addiction through one of these programs (or by sheer willpower), you will still be under bondage to sin and death without Christ. When you come to Christ, you fully break BOTH your bondage under sin and the addiction at the same time – and you do so by the power of Christ living in you, not by your own willpower or “12-step” programs.

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